Kahn Family

The Kahn Family

Frank and Fannie
Annie, Minnie, Rose, Sally, Jeanne, Esther
More Pictures, Family Tree

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Frank and Fannie Kahn (both deceased)
Anna, Esther, Minnie, Sally, Jeanne, Rose

Anna Schulman (married Lou) (both deceased)
Ruth, Mildred, Arthur

Esther Kay (married Jacob) (both deceased)
Bernyce, Arlene

Minnie Kesin (married Harry) (both deceased)
Judy, Barbara

Sally Greisler (married Joseph) (both deceased)
Lynne, Fred (Mark), Bob

Jeanne (deceased)

Rose Holzsager (married Eddie)(both deceased)
Don, Richard

Ruth Saslow(married Manny) (both deceased)

Mildred Trosterman (married Jack)(both deceased)

Arthur Schulman (deceased)

Bernyce Greenberg (married Henry Fleischman/Faulkner; Sol Greenberg) juneladygal@yahoo.com
Steven, Carol

Arlene Green (married Stewart: deceased) agreen728@yahoo.com, website
Erin, Elizabeth, Ethan, Adam

Judy Dolid (deceased) (married Ralph)
Alan, Jodie

Barbara Olsan (married Bill) napabb@webtv.net
Heidi, Michael

Lynne Weiner (married Dr. Ken) lweiner525@aol.com
David, Karen

Fred Greisler (aka Mark) (married Jane) MSLBI@comcast.net
Johanna Thomson Bogdan

Robert Greisler (deceased) (married Elaine)
Sherri, Dawn, Susan, Mike

Don Holzsager (deceased) (married Barbara Goodman)
Seth (deceased), Keith, Laura, Craig

Richard Holzsager (married Ellen Ambrose; Sara Green) holzsager@rcn.com, website
David, Adam

Jerome Saslow

Kenneth Trosterman

Steven Faulkner

Carol Gallagher (married Bob) darkmoon@cruzio.com

Erin Messano (married Michael) ehmessano@yahoo.com
Rebecca, Matthew, Jessica

Elizabeth Thetford (divorced Leighton) ethetford1966@yahoo.com
Leighton III, Ashleigh, Cleighton

Ethan Green (married Tiffany) ethangreen2005@yahoo.com

Adam Green green26_2000@yahoo.com

Alan Dolid (married Laura) dolid@comcast.net
Rebeka, Ari

Jodie Reff (married Steve)
Adam, Jessica

Heidi Berliner (married Bill)
Morgan, Zachary

Michael Olsan (married Kim)

David Weiner (married Mindy)

Karen Stern (married Jeff) nystern@socal.rr.com



Susan Andersson (married Mark)

Mike Greisler goomer40@hotmail.com or greislerm@duq.edu

David Holzsager holzsager@aol.com
Amber & Amanda Thornton

Adam Holzsager aholzsager@aol.com

Rebeka Small (married Jon) Rebekasmall@hotmail.com
Lily Jean, Haley Rose

Ari Dolid (married Anne) adolid@gmail.com
Asher, Isaac

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Descriptions of the pictures

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Who's who: Starting at the top, Frank and Fannie Kahn flank their daughters Jeanne (in back) and Rose; Frank and Fannie; Fannie, with Minnie (in shadow), possibly holding Barbara, and Judy standing on the right; Frank and Fannie; Frank and Fannie; Fannie & Esther; Jeanne; Jeanne; Sally and Joe Greisler in Atlantic City; Rose on the beach; Rose and Eddie; Rose and Eddie's wedding invitation; Rose and Jeanne; Sally, Joe and Lynne; Don Holzsager; Rose and Jeanne standing, Minnnie holding baby Richie (future webmaster); Judy Kesin (Dolid); Don Holzsager and Arlene Kay (Green); I think that's Ruth Schulman Saslow on the left, and Rose and Arlene at the right; Mildred Schulman Trosterman and Rose; Arlene and Barbara Kesin (Olsan); Barbara; the Holzsagers, Eddie, Rose, Don and Rich; Lynne Greisler (Weiner); Don; two pictures of three generations of Holzsagers; Jodie and Steve Reff; Barbara & Bill Olsan, Rose, Jodie Dolid Reff and kids; Rich with wife Sara Green and Alan and Laura Dolid; groom Ari Dolid, Rich and Sara, Barbara and Bill Olsan, proud papa Alan; rich and Sara; Adam Holzsager, with Rich and Sara; Adam and Rich; Rich and Sara with Elizabeth Green Thetford and Arlene Kay Green; Erin Green Messano with daughter Rebecca; Elizabeth again; Fred (aka Mark) Greisler and wife Jane walking down tha aisle at daughter Johanna' wedding; Fred waiting to take over escorting Johanna (from her birth father); Bernyce Kay Greenerg; her son Steven Falkner; Steven's son Jacob, with his aunt Carol (aka Una) Gallagher.